Thursday, March 18, 2010

I don't take many pictures and I haven't blogged for a long time. We went to Hawaii in March 2010 for Spring Break and took a few pictures so here are a few.

Spring Break in Hawaii

We were able to go to Honolulu, Hawaii over spring break with Monica and her family.

Here are some airplane pictures.

Marlee, Dylan, & Grandpa

Demmy & Derrik

Danny & Daniel

Monica & Maycie

We attended church in Waikiki


Dylan & Monty on our balcony with Diamond Head Volcano in the background.

We hiked up to Diamond Head, an extinct volcano. It is a long steep hike with a winding trail, tunnels, and steep steps to get up to the top. It is a beautiful view from up there.

Daniel, Maycie, Demmy & Grandpa starting on our hike to Diamond Head

Derrik getting ready to put Dylan on his back to carry.

Marlee found a lady bug on our hike and wanted to keep it

Polad Family at one of the lookouts on the hike to Diamond Head

Grandpa & Grandma at the lookout

Some of the stairs on the hike to Diamond Head
Danny & Dylan

Zoomed in our hotel from the top of Diamond Head

Monty with lighthouse in background on hike

Rest stop on the trail to Diamond Head

Danny carrying Dylan on the trail

Monica and Maycie walking down the trail

Stopping for a picture on the trail

Along with swimming at the beach the kids wanted to take a dip in the swimming pool.
They said it was cold and that the ocean was warmer. It was a little rainy at the time.

Some of the Polads by the Banyan Tree by our hotel

Daniel climbing in the Banyan Tree

Derrik swinging from the Banyan Tree

Demmy making the old tree look great!

The Beach

At first Dylan wasn't sure about the beach after getting knocked down in the water, but after he and the sand got acquainted he loved to throw the sand and play in the sand.

Maycie sitting in the stroller wrapped in a towel after getting wet in the ocean

Polad Family at Sunset on Waikiki Beach

Beautiful Sunset on Waikiki

April & Monty
Sunset on Waikiki

Is this some of the sea life?
Derrik & Daniel loved playing and swimming in the ocean.

Demmy playing on the boogie board on the beach

Marlee liked her long sleeved shirt and long pants even though we were in Hawaii.

Hanauma Bay

We went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

Demmy walking down to Hanauma Bay

Walking down to Hanauma Bay
It was a long walk down, but it seemed even longer coming back up with
6 kids, stroller, mats, towels, snorkel equipment, and snacks!!

Playing and snorkeling at Hanauma

Dylan did a face plant in the sand, but didn't seem to mind

We carried the kids back up the hill to the cars and used the stroller to pack all our mats and stuff for the beach which Danny pushed up the hill.

Pearl Harbor

Polad Family at Pearl Harbor
Arizona Memorial in the background
It was a 2 1/2 hour wait to take the boat out there so we didn't wait with 6 kids.

They are remodeling Pearl Harbor. The museum was closed because of the remodeling.
This was the front where you walk in. We then went to the Dole Pineapple Factory and had pineapple ice cream. We drove on up around the north shore and stopped at Shark's Cove where we usually snorkel, but no snorkeling there at this time of the year because of the currents.

We then went to the Temple in Laia. It was windy.
It has been closed for remodeling since 2008.

We went to eat at McDonald's before going to the Polynesian Cultural Center.
Marlee with Ronald


Danny & Monty at the village of Aoetera (New Zealand) participating.

We went on a boat ride down the water at the PCC and visited some of the villages. We love to watch the guy from Samoa make fire and husk coconuts, and watch the kid climb a coconut tree.
We also went to the village of Tonga and watched them play drums. We played a game tossing bean seeds and learned to make fish out of banana leaves. We ate at the buffet and then went to the night show there. It was great fun.

Our last day in Hawaii we went to the Aloha stadium and went shopping. They have a huge flea market there that goes all around the stadium where you can buy stuff for a lot less, so if you need souvenirs check it out when you go to Hawaii.

As they say in Hawaii


We Love Hawaii

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Oh, we are going in 2 weeks and looking at that gets me pretty excited. It's my first time there. I know my mom and dad enjoyed going there with you, looks like you are old pros! Cute kids!
Becky (Kevin & Johanna's daughter)

Kallee said...

Mom, It looks like you had a ton of fun. I am so jealous!!!!!! All those pictures make me want to go to Hawaii real soon....

TJ and Shaylee Voss said...

How fun! I want to go to Hawaii so bad! Hopefully someday! :) I'm glad you had a good time!